Friedrich R.J. Gauger
Industrial Engineer, M.Sc.



Ortlieb QL3

Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH, Heilsbronn, Germany

On initiative of our own, we improved the novel mount of a bike pannier.

Then recently released, Ortlieb "QL3" proposed to be a bike pannier mount providing greater comfort to the wearer when shouldering bags, compared to earlier systems. While we found this to be entirely true, issues showed up in regular use. Mechanical interaction with the clothing of the wearer occured when handling the pannier, bothering to the wearer and of potentially dangerous intereference to finer fabrics. In our eyes, the QL3 mount was not developed to the extent necessary, so we researched into possible solutions. See the videos below for details.


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Ortlieb QL3
Ortlieb QL3
Ortlieb QL3
Ortlieb QL3

In its original state, the QL3 mount system causes stuttering and jamming when the bag is moved alongside clothing. The audible noise is caused by its interference with the rivets of my jeans.

Softening the edges of the QL3 mount system attached to the backside of the bag results in a much improved, smoother glide. Stuttering and jamming are eliminated.